Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

A typical weekday of mine consists of seeing white ceilings, computer screens, evening television, and action in the kitchen.. I won’t bore you with those images. But, not all of my days are like that. Some days, my routine consists of surrounding self around creative beings and in a studio.

A Day of My Life – a day that I very much like to wake up to. It’s a ten hour long day. Exhausting, but ever lovely. And it looks like this:


pottery class - a bowl I made
pottery class – a bowl I made





Flowers. I adore them, obsess about them, and could not live happy without them. Regardless their arrangements (farmed or wild), their intended purposes (romance or friendly gestures), their shapes, colors, origins, or varieties – flowers color our world with their beauties in majestic ways. Their delicacy and short life span reinforce a constant of life, temporality. That, life is beautiful but fragile and short.


Some people might believe that flowers are over-rated, but have you imagined what planet earth would be like without flowers and greeneries? I would guess that world looks something like Mars, Venus, or the Moon. Lifeless and bland.
I prefer it here on earth, where the flowers bloom; spent in a matter of days but they always come to bloom again to keep feelings anew. To keep me renewed.


Arlene Wright-Correll wrote “when words escape, flowers speak. While they may not last as long as diamonds, flowers are forever. We associate flower with the special times of our lives. Birthdays, marriages, farewells…No occasion goes without the fragrance of flowers.”


She further said “when we wish to convey passion, respect, congratulations, or apology to the people most precious to us, only flowers will do.”

What are your thoughts on this subject matter?