Cake diary

Fondant Peony Cake  —June 2012 — My second fondant cake; first attempt to making Fondant Peony.

Between full time work, over time work, and an annual mini vacation trip scheduled for early June.  Going into he last week of May, but I still really wanted to make a fondant cake to celebrate my special vacation with. So I drafted a plan.

  • two layers Genoise cake,
  • Citrus Curd filling and Vanilla Butter Cream frosting.
  • To be covered in metallic gray hydrangeas petals fondant.
  • Square bottom layer.  Round top layer.
  • Round layer wrap around by brown/orange fondant twiggs.
  • Top with a cluster of blue Peonies.
  • Must do without purchasing new Peony or hydrangeas petal kit.

Sure enough it was too ambitious.  The whole cake never came together.  Only these decorative components were done using fondant, then they had to be toss away shortly after.

Gum paste would have been a better choice because I could put it away for a few days when I’m ready to finish the plan.

  • All nighter peonies and loose petals


  • Gray blossoms and last minute twig drying on side of cake pans to take form.


May be some day, soon.  I will finish this task…


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8 thoughts on “Cake diary

    1. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment Gail, :-). I couldn’t save this one because it was fondant. It was going to be soften when comes in contact with moisture. I do save the sugar gum paste white roses that I made.

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