Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Discovering the magic of doodling was quite fun and rewarding. They are the ‘masterpieces’ of my doodling works in this challenge.

This project was about exercising the principle elements of design (unity, balance, emphasis, etc.) If you are interested in making it, the task was to make 2×2 squares, doodle random things into the squares; make photocopies of the squares, reduce them to 1×1 (by 50%), cut, arrange the squares into three 8′ x 8′ compositions that illustrate – bilateral symmetry, Asymmetry, and Radial symmetry.

the work in progress
the work in progress

an image of which the two cut halves along a central axis are mirror images of each other


an image of which the two cut halves along the central axis are not mirrored each other. A lack of balance or symmetry


a symmetrical arrangement of radiating parts from the central point



Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

A typical weekday of mine consists of seeing white ceilings, computer screens, evening television, and action in the kitchen.. I won’t bore you with those images. But, not all of my days are like that. Some days, my routine consists of surrounding self around creative beings and in a studio.

A Day of My Life – a day that I very much like to wake up to. It’s a ten hour long day. Exhausting, but ever lovely. And it looks like this:


pottery class - a bowl I made
pottery class – a bowl I made