Discovering the Chocolate Fun

chocolate bowl

This chocolate bowl kept starting to melt in just a few minutes of time when it sits outside of the freezer. The oven’s heat from my cooking the prime rib may be a contributed cause for this condition, but I needed the chocolate bowl to serve an individual birthday strawberry cake as planned. I kept the chocolate bowl in the fridge right up until serving time and the beauty it added to our meal that day was worth the effort. It is a bit delicate to warm temperatures but it really takes little time to make, and it is so easy!

No need for the double broiling method that requires constant stirring and leave behind dirty pots to clean up after, this chocolate bowl recipe needs a microwave, chocolate, scissors, a bowl, and a balloon. A zip lock bag is optional, and wax paper is only needed if you are writing letters, and clean up will be a breeze.


  • Smaller and equal size chocolate chunks will melt easier and more evenly.
  • The melted chocolate can be put into a zip lock bag. Make a very tiny cut at one corner of the bag, hold and pipe the chocolate like you would a pastry bag.
  • How-to instruction on making the bowl is in this video: how to make a chocolate bowl

Create.  Happy.

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