Pre-Birthday surprise for my sweet

Got some time on my hands… I plan to make a special birthday for my sweet this year.  I decided to top the other years by giving three surprises on three different days, the final will be on the actual day.

  • Surprise number one – satisfy the crave for Oysters.

Table setting –

  • Flowers and candle was really for me

Table setting

Oysters preparation –

We usually just a squirt of fresh lime juice, salt & pepper over the Oysters but for this time, I wanted to add a new element to the meal.  Cucumber Mignonette Sauce.  Instruction and recipe is from Tyler Florence

  • The sauce was very good, but I think I might try to replace vinegar for the juice of 4 freshly squeezed limes next time.  I think we will appreciate the sauce even more with the fresh lime fragrance.

Marx Foods shipped fresh Oysters to my door for a fairly reasonable price.  The Oysters arrived neatly packaged and smelled like fresh sea on the promised day.  The quality of the Oysters was worth the money.

  • Do plan on placing your order about 5 business days in advance to avoid extra shipping fees,
  • Must have an Oyster knife – no regular knife will do the job, I tried!  You can get one from Bed Bath and Beyond for $8.99 or on Amazon for couple of dollars less if you can get free shipping.
  • After scrubbing the oysters with a brush in cold running water, here’s a video on how to shuck oysters

Instruction on serving Oysters called for laying them on a bed of crushed ice but I didn’t have any on hand. As I shucked open the Oysters, I placed them on a platter that is placed in my refrigerator with the temperature turned to cold(est).

  • Freezing the Oysters for an hour before shucking can help open the Oysters easier.
  • Take a few Oysters out from the freezer at a time since it can take a while to shuck open one.

Too many Oysters to shuck so we threw some on the hot grill.  Most of them pop open after a few minutes.  As soon as they are open, they can be remove from the fire and are ready to eat.

  • Did not like the grilled Oysters as much as the fresh ones.
  • Do remove Oysters from the grill even if they don’t pop open & shuck them open to eat.  The inside will burn into ashes if left on the grill after 4 minutes.


With the remaining Oysters, we self served – shucked the oysters at the table and ate immediately.  So much more fun!!

  • The Corona was a very good complement drink for this meal.

~ Surprise #1 – Mission Accomplished ~


11 thoughts on “Pre-Birthday surprise for my sweet

    1. I’m excited to hear that you like the idea. Personally, we really loved that we had some left at the end to shuck & eat at the table – it was messy but fun. I hope you both will enjoy it as much as we did. Happy birthday to you better half!!

  1. Coronitas are our favorite beach beer! Love them with some lemon and grenadine. Great collection of recipes, thanks for the follow, will follow back in hopes to learn a few cooking tricks! 🙂

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