Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Two pictures that I am particularly happy to submit for this week’s challenge:

— I saw an opportunity for a silhouette picture at this time, but it works out well for the reflection theme too.

“A good friend is a connection to life — A tie to the past, A road to the future, A key to sanity in a Totally insane World.” –unknown.

— I styled two of my favorite items on a big mirror, set the mirror by the window and aimed to create a photo for this theme. Β By luck, while taking random shots from different angles, I landed this one.

  • Wild flowers collected from outside in mini glass vase,
  • Mythical creature that I personally imported on a trip. Β Four and 1/2 inch tall, hand braided by bamboo leaves.
“You are free to choose but you arenot free from the consequence of your choice” –A universal Paradox, tweegram.

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27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Great shots! I recently told someone when they questioned something they had did artistically and thought wasn’t really what they wanted, rather it was a mistake. I told her that more oft than not, those little mistakes becoming masterpieces and/or the beginnings of a new form of an old art form. It what makes us and our talents uniquely us. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

    P.S. If you wouldnt mind I would like to either quote your about your statement or add it to a post I’m getting ready to do with photos I took this morning. I was thinking of something to say but you said it perfectly. Let me know what you think prior to my posting the photos…

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