Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

For this post, I’m lending a voice to someone who has something to thank for, but he only speaks Woof.  Our fella says WOOF to the Doggie Beach, and especially to those who advocated to reserve a part of the beaches for his kind.

How do I know he’s thankful for it?  Because his ears perk up the second he hears the word “BEACH” in any conversation.  He than gets in an attentive listening mode, hearing for the affirmative cues – “GO” and “LEASH”.  He would jump in circles, run to grab his gear – the leash, rallies round everyone and quickly settles next to the door.

At the beach, he gets to roam freely without constraint of a leash.
There, he gets to socialize with friends of his kind and chases at them full speed, without voices calling him to order.
There, he gets to play in the water like the kid that he always is.

So, Woof Woof, he is thankful for Doggie Beach, and yes, for human kindness too.


SAM_1485         SAM_1481


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