Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This challenge makes me stomp my feet and drop my jaw, regret all those times I hit delete because the subject was dark or turned away from the camera.  Now that I know what silhouette pictures are about, I am sure going to be making opportunities to take many of these type of pictures.

For now, I came up with these..

  1. Picture taken while viewing the water show at Bellagio, Las Vegas.
  2. Photoshop was used to extract  and turned the fisher image into a silhouette, then added image to a sunset photo (I did not photograph the sunset photo).

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. Very nice, I thought the fisherman was really in the photograph. Keep the “bad” pictures. They’ll come in handy one day. I learned to keep some of the blurry ones around just in case…

  2. Great photos! I was a little bummed about this challenge too since I also deleted so many in the past. Oh well. you came up with some beauties.

    1. I am starting a new system – keeping my pics in a memory sticks. All of them. Well most of all of.. :-). Thank you for stopping by T.B.M and I’m glad you like what I presented.

  3. I love seeing photos from around the world while sitting in bed on a Sunday morning, my cat keeping my feet warm…

    I particularly love silhouettes – these were excellent photos.

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