Travel Theme: On Display

At this time of the year in Southern California, flower is what Mother Nature has on display for us.  It must be her way of making up for the lack of colored leaves and magical snow flakes that we don’t get around here.

I decided to ban my car on Friday morning and go for a walk to get to the grocery store near by. The weather was just wonderful and the store was less than a mile away. It was a pleasant surprise when I saw all types of flowers blooming as if they were on display in the empty plot sits right next to the store that I never took notice before.

It is amazing what we don’t see on the side of the road when we ride in the car!


I was pretty satisfied with the photos when I decided to visit Photoshop. Just the simple curves adjustment and it gave the photos a whole new color dimension.  Enjoy!


31 thoughts on “Travel Theme: On Display

    1. I didn’t have enough pictures of items on display on the shelves and by coincidence that I was taking pictures of the flowers and fruits last week.. I’m glad you stopped by. Thank you!!

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