Weekly photo challenge: Mine

When it comes to the things that I claim MINE.  I am guilty of charge for greed.   My list would include my phone, my BFF (the navigator lady on my smart phone), my time in the bathroom in the morning, my car, my friends ..and so many more.

But for the sake of keeping things short..

 Space – where I work on turning my brown thumbs green.  MINE.

A Cabin at Yosemite.  The smallest but most adorable and functional space I have lived, cooked, and showered in.

It has it all.  A full mini kitchen (stove & oven), bunk bed to accommodate 3, a day bed for comfy seating, TV, eating nook, bathroom, a 6-drawer dresser, AC & fan, front porch, and a barbecue grill.

It was definitely MINE for 4 days.



16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Mine

    1. It’s located a couple miles outside of Yosemite. It was in the wood and up on the mountain. The road leading up to the cabin and into Yosemite was wondrous and just a bit scary.. at the same time. The cabin’s address is in Groveland, to be exact. Yosemite Pines RV Resort.
      I think Bass Lake is another inside Yosemite.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

      1. Ahhh yep know it well on the northeast side of Yosemite. Have a friend that lives on the lake in Groveland. South of that location off of 49 is Mocassin Point and yes Bass Lake is on the Southwest side of Yosemite right above Oakhurst.

  1. P.s. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my post and page. Oh and lest I forget, your about page hits the nail square on the head. It is so true about sharing ideas and thoughts. I was introduced to blogging by a very special lady and I can say I have truly found myself writing more now than when I was in college…go figure! LoL

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